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23.06.19 Update: New Item to upgrader, and more!

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Update - Reopen your launcher (VortexPSLauncher)
- Added several new items into the game
- Added More upgradeable items(includes new items)
- redid the upgrade system so now atleast half of the items require tax bags aswell to upgrade
- Added "Mini blackstone warmonger at home" which takes tax bags, as soon as 2000 tax bags are reached, it spawns the boss once(Which DROPS OP loot, best drops r Paper sack, Textured necklade, $25 scrolls, Suics mg, Rex gear, and some others!) - It drops for several ppl!
- Fixed minor bugs with Sell to taxbag shop
- Added new BIS item (hellfire necklace) - Check upgrade npc
- Added some new mid tier gear(between rex/custom rex aswell) - Lime Rex which is exactly between the 2

- Lumberjack zone update:- Added 4 new drops (Cleansing scroll, praise scroll, Paper sack, crimson pernix) | Note get ur lumberjack scroll from 20 tokens / 20k points now (6 days left) or store/direct | After that they will no longer be sold.

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