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20.06.19 Update: New Darklord Token Shop.

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Added Darklord token shops, Featuring items like col neck, paper sack, Darth gloves/boots, Inf overload pot, but most importantly Lumberjack Scrolls have returned | The "tai" scroll in the darklord shop, can be used to combine into the lumberjack scroll, for a 20k Slayer points fee (Scroll + 20k slayer points for the lumberjack scroll) | It is also available for $$(same price as darth scroll aka 110-120) | NOTE, as i want to make this scroll limited aswell, This will be available Ingame / store for 10 days, so get grinding if u wanna get it. | Darklord shop is located in ::darklord 

Next update will feature Tax bag shop and some other stuff.



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