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15.06.19 Update: New Store Mystery Box and more!

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- Fixed New staff lag glitch.
- Added several more upgradeable items (such as Regular minigun, American pernix(elite), rex etc.
- Added Upgrade chance to display on the interface.
- Added "Search For Item" button in the NPC drop interface, NOTE: u must specify the full name, or it won't find (This will probably be changed, so even if it contains it'll show all the NPC names that droptable contains the specific keyword.
- Added a "Store Mystery Box" - Which contains every single store item(Chances to get one is random). The price is 5319/57 (Amount of items in the webstore excluding Dragonkin lamps, Ranks(Uber rank etc). | Aka 93.3$ rounded to $95. - NOTE: it contains the items in full sets as in store, so if u were to open it and got the blackstone set, u wouldnt get a single piece, but the whole gear.
- Removed a few old/useless reminders.
- Adjusted the scroll for the upgrade interface
- Removed the altars that wasn't working from home.
- Removed the santa hat from upgrade interface.
- Fixed Vortex's Crossbow attackstyle
- Added new emojis ( :kappa: :5head: :monkaw: :pepehands: )

--- Updates in progress

- Pet interface(High Priority)
- Shop that buys certain items for tax bags(High priority)
- Automatic giveaways(Low priority)

- New VIP rank will be added soon

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