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08.06.19 Update: New Maps and Boss Zone

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::dontanimate - New command which allows u to toggle off the animating on texturized items = less lag most likely, on crowded places.
Custom justiciar added to lucid warriors. {Note as this comes ingame, there might also be an opinion to donate for it again, not sure yet might keep it only ingame-obtainable.} - Drop rate 1/10k as mentioned in the poll
- ::shops command added
- nerfed hw a bit(Droprates)
- Added option to upgrade Suics minigun to Dragon minigun, Dragon minigun to Rainbow minigun - Chances for SMG to DMG is 40% - DMG to RMG is 10%


Added custom maps(Done by chaosworld) for the following NPCS - ::harambe, ::eventboss, ::beast

- New scroll [Obtainable ingame for slayer points, probably about 20k and via donate $90-100 or 110m osrsgp]
- Imbued ring of devotion(Extra effect: 2x Slayer Points) -  combinable {15 darklord tokens + regular ring of devotion, 100% success rate on combining} also donateable [Not sure about price yet, feel free to pm me if interested)

- New scroll = new area with hellfire mage - Drops are similar to penguins, but instead of DMG, it drops a new mage weapon, with a custom spell. [Hellfire scroll, drops the hellfire battlestaff which is better than DMG, worse than RMG]
- haven't added them to store yet currently only direct purchase for a day - two, and via ingame.

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Great Update, keep them coming. 

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like always great update 😛


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