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02.06.19 Updates New Boss

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Added ::dragon | (New Boss) - This boss has an unique combatscript which includes several new Gfxes, attack-types | This boss has 4 transformations, in the first side, the Dragon is a Hellfire Dragon(main NPC), In the 2nd side, it transforms into Bluefire dragon(Which uses a different attack), after that it transforms into a Lava dragon(weakest), and last it transforms into a Cool Dragon(couldn't think of an decent name lol), After it's on low hp, it transforms back into Hellfire dragon, and teleports back to the first side.

Dragon Pet Scroll (Opens an custom interface) which displays 3 different pickable dragons, that u can choose one from.
Hellfire Dragon pet(Rarest to get, and has more DR) - 30% {Rest have 5-20%, depends on the dragon, all the features is displayed in the interface}
Hellfire Wings
Dragon-age Mage Robe bottom/Robe top
Dragonfire Battlestaff (has custom spell)
There might potentially be more drops added to it, in the next update.

other small fixes:
- Fixed the command that is used to create 100 dr boots.
- Fixed lava animating (it now moves)
@everyone For whoever the launcher didn't work for i forgot to clear caches in CF, - Should work now (Newest client version: 3.1)

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