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brad king1

Im Hacked and nobody do somthing!!!

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Hi all I've been playing almost 2 months 2 days have not played this game and im and I log in today and suddenly all my stuff away!!
suic doesn't answer turns out to be the server maker???
damez we help me sort of omdatik and no pin me bank had nothing they can do for me?!?!?!?!?
really crap and I find this really Sin so as to lose players of a game! If this is so can continue your whistle to your server!

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There is no reason to blame the server for this. we have made a few ways to secure your account, and i have said in announcements on discord that if you don't use the security we make to help players secure their account we can't do anything about you getting hacked.

Use these 2 commands take like 5 sec to set up.


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