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24.05 Updates

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Rainbow Minigun is now obtainable ingame via holywaters | Cost: 2.5m holy waters {If you'd like to purchase this item and have 2.5m holy waters pm me ingame or in discord}
Diamond(B) is now obtainable ingame via the tokens that darklords drop | Cost: 7 Tokens
Ruby Ammy (100% DR) is also obtainable via 15 tokens(Darklord ones) | Because there is no point to make 2 diff shops just for 3 items, all of these items can be purchased via me directly.
- Custom Yell title can now be requested, Cost: 1m Loyalty points.

Other info: Ring of devotion can now be bought again(Currently only direct purchase) @ $55, aswell as Ringmaster boots, which I've decided to bring back, these were sold @ early frimbscape, 
However this time i'd like to make them available from both Ingame / Donating | 
To obtain Ringmaster Boots(100% boots with some stats): - Emerald amulet(B), 10 Darklord tokens, 250k, Holywaters, Ring of devotion, 99 Smithing. (NOTE: all those items are obtainable ingame) - 
It's such a big requirement because the boots are supposed to be extremely rare, for the $ price i haven't decided yet but can negotiate @ pms.

NOTE: if u have all those items, to combine, you simply use the command ::make100drboots
The command will be useable by tomorrow(after update), but if u somehow got all the items right now, feel free to pm me and i can do it manually.

- Added shift banking (Hold down shift and click on the item in your inventory to bank it) - This is for uber+ as only uber+ can ::bank
- added an alert system, (Will be used for giveaways, and other announcement ingame)
- Fixed double slayer ring
- Made it so when you logout and have a pet, it picks it up automatically
- Fixed a few other minor issues

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nice updates like always keep it up 🙂


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