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27.04 Updates

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- Completely revamped Skotizo [It now is located in a different area], and theres 5-6 skotizos, The droptable is fully changed, and hp/attackbonuses etc is also changed, it now also drops a New amulet/2 Rings - [Mid-tier] and lots of other stuff.
- Removed Boss points from Frost dragons, also buffed animal bow from 35k to 45k [Initial buff before nerfed again was from 35k to 55k, but it was a little too op then]
- Fixed droptables that still had old MG ids/$ scroll ids as drops.
- Added msgs when changing bravek difficulty
- Added "Double Slayer Points Ring" - Can be bought for 20000 Slayer points, but when wearing this ring, u get 2x more points for every task u complete.
- Fixed Recipe for disaster / nomads quest, When clicking on the quest on playerpanel, it now opens the quest log (Opened the forums before)
- Updated ::rules and ::benefits links, they now link to the updated forum pages.
- Buffed Comp cape (it is now the best cape ingame as its supposed to be) - Str bonus of it is now 500, range bonus is 750, also att/def bonuses r decent.
- Buffed Max cape by a bit (Has 100 ish str/range now)
- Players with less than 30 hours played, can no longer roll a dice / plant seeds (This was added so newer players don't just gamble their banks away instantly. [NOTE: they can still stake]
- Seeds now also cost 2b EA.

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