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23.04-24.04 Updates

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- Updates:

  • * Esc to close interface added
  • * Vorkath pet summoning fixed
  • * Forum guides list updated
  • * Animal bow nerfed, now it shud be Better than DMG but worse than RMG (Will test and adjust if needed)

- Updated Custom Slayer | You can now get a "Easy task", "Medium task" or Hard task, (If u choose easy u simply need to kill less NPCS but also get less points)

Default difficulty is hard:
You can switch difficulty by

  • ::seteasy
  • ::setmedium
  • ::sethard

Rewards Points:

  • Easy: 10-15 Points
  • Medium: 25-35 Points
  • Hard: 50-80 Points

(NOTE) This will shortly be updated to an interface or a dialogue.

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