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Starter Guide!

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  • To start on an ironman account you need to create it, so you open the client and make a new account type in the username and password.!
  • After choosing username and password you choose the game mode you want to play click on the Ironman and click accept.



  • The next step is to choose your main look ingame so use the arrows to find the look you like and click accept.



  • After you choose your look you will get a box where you are asked (where did you find out about vortex)


  • Make sure not to move or click on any item before you typed in (merk) to get a vortex1 stream box (contains full pernix gear, mg and 500 shots)
  • Or if you have another reference you can type it in here.
  • If you move or didn't get the reference box you can always use ::refer to get the interface back


  • After you created the account use the command ::vote go vote for the 4 sites and use ::reward 1 all ingame to get 1 vote scroll, and the chance to get a vote box.


All new players get regular donator rank, and can after 1k total or 10 hours of ingame playtime ::freesuper to get free super donator rank (make sure not to use any bonds before you used the ::freesuper or it doesn't work.



  • Now you are ready to start training your combat stats, there are a few places where you can start training!


  • Use ::train - will get you to rock crabs these not drop anything good other than charms but great to get stats at.


  • use ::starterzone - will take you to a zone with the wolf, these wolf drop strange tokens and mystery box, what you want to get is the strange tokens to buy a noob gs from the shop outside of the room a noob gs cost 425 tokens.


  • Use ::boxzone - will take you to another zone with wolf npc these wolf drop boxes and noob gs.


  • Use ::tokens - will take you to a zone where you can kill snails, what you want to get from here is the sphinx token and buy either shadow brutal whip, or the american pernix set.



  • After you got stats up to 99 go to ::dzone and kill otherworldly being to get dragon bones or frost dragon bones (drop 500 noted dragon bone and 25 noted frost dragon bone) and go to ::home run west behind the buildings and use the bones on alter to get 99 prayer, change prayer so you can use soul split.



  • If you open Starter Task Book from your starter package you will see this interface opens:  qzfckn2.png
  • There is some new task you can finish, this task takes some time to do but the reward is good.
  1. Full American Pernix
  2. Golden Minigun.
  3. Brightlava Textured Set.
  4. Egyptian Sword (G).
  5. $Bonds.
  6. Fire Cape.
  7. Donation Box



  • When you got the starter gear you want and raised stats to 99 with prayer, you are ready to go upgrade your gear.


  •  5263798.png
  • Use ::defilers - this NPC drop Mystery Box, Rare and Legendary package, minigun and the golden minigun.
  • Use ::vetion - this NPC drop the american pernix armour and the american pernix elite version.
  • Use ::cshound - this NPC drop the shadow bow, vortex bow, mystery box, ecto token and the custom hound pet (give 10% droprate)
  • Use ::customwrencher - this NPC drop the vortex minigun, sea devil bow, sea devil wings, custom wrencher pet (give 20% droprate) this is a mass boss.


  • When you got the golden minigun, you should stay at ::defilers to get a few more golden minigun (gmg) to upgrade at ::home, or go to ::chound and get shadow bow or vortex bow to upgrade.


  • 5263804.png
  • Use ::necrolord this NPC drop the american torva set with boots and gloves.
  • Use ::defenders this NPC drop defenders set, defenders spirit shield, defenders sword (one of the best swords) and defender pet (give 10% droprate)
  • Use ::horror this NPC drop silver torva, and shark tooth sword.
  • Use ::rex this NPC drop the rex armour set, it is a good boss to get tax bags from.
  • Use ::minions - this NPC is a minion that you need to kill 500 times before you can go to ::crex, crex drop the best melee gear ingame.
  • Use ::sagittare - this NPC drop the suic nr1 set with cape, boots, gloves.
  • Use ::harambe - this NPC drop the textured necklace, and primordial Boots elite, the necklace is best in slot, and is a mass boss.
  • Use ::beast - this NPC drop the infernal boots, this is the best boots in game, and is a mass boss.
  • Use ::abbadon - this NPC drop the dragonbone scimitar, this is a mass boss.


  • 5263812.png
  • Use ::lexicus - this NPC drop the battlemage set with boots and gloves and seismic staff.
  • Use ::arena - this NPC drop the techtonic set
  • Use ::wizards - this NPC drop the darkblue set.
  • Use ::rex - this NPC drop the infernal battlestaff.
  • Use ::trident - this NPC drop the trident staff, and lots of taxbag.



  • If you go ::home and talk with the item upgrader you will see a list of all the item you can upgrade, NOTE IF YOU FAIL UPGRADE YOU WILL LOSE THE ITEM.


  • When you have the interface open you simply click on the item in the left box and you can see what item it can be upgraded to, ETC if you click on the golden minigun you have the chance to upgrade it to a frost minigun, and a frost minigun can be upgraded to dragon minigun.







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Nice job on guide

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