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19.04-20.04 Updates

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Updates - Launcher reload required
- Updated chatbox for resizeable mode
- Collector necklace now works in keyroom
- Achievement rewards now go to bank instead of inventory
- Lowered Custom slayer(bravek) Task amount from 100-135 to 50-85
- Buffed Animal bow's speed
- Fixed $25 scroll model on bank
- Added Custom Vorago Pet - Dropped by Custom Vorago (obviously)
- Changed the chance of receiving a vote mystery box when redeeming a vote scroll from 1% to 10% - Will be changed back to 1% on monday - This is just a weekly bonus.
- Fixed Item Comparator - It now always resets all the previous compared items, when the interface is opened.

- Added Account Pin System - You can set a custom up to 5 digits pin via the command ::setloginpin or ::setpin Which will open a dialogue prompt that u need to enter your desired pin in.
Keep in mind you are only prompted to enter your pin on login if your IP is different from the last one.

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I like that idea of chatbox resizeable mode

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