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15.04-16.04 Updates

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  •  Revamped The General (::general) droptable | It now drops Seismic staff(as before), Golden minigun, Donation Box American pernix (Regular) and some other things!
  • Updated VOTM cape (Voter of the month cape) | It now is untradeable/unsellable, also nerfed range bonus on it (Never was supposed to be that high), it still has great range bonus thought
  • VortexPS Guides button in the client now opens the guides section on forums when clicked (Before the button did nothing)
  • Revamped Tortoise's droptable
  • Changed Event NPC spawntime from 6 hours to 2 hours.
  • Completely Revamped Event Store (added 20+ new items) - New revamp coming in 3-4 weeks. | ::event
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