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13.04-14.04 Updates

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  • Fixed all minigun drops
  • Boss Point store fixed
  • Fixed Starter Tasks (Bury 50 frost dragon bones task) - where it wouldn't increase the count when u buried the bones on altar.
  • Added Temporary Referral codes for youtubers
  • Fixed Boss point FMG price
  • Added ::refer command (For new players who didn't enter any code at startup, they can do it later using this command)
  • Fixed some spelling errors on messages sent to players
  • Updated description etc on all voting toplist sites
  • Updated server-sided naming for some items that said null (Also examines)
  • Made Infernal max cape only wearable if the player is actually maxed | Also added pretty decent stats to it.
  • Updated some of the automatic world messages(Reminders) | Removed the ones that said "New boss bossname" even tho the boss was added several months ago.
  • Nerfed glods hp
  • Added prices for items that had no prices in shops (Custom slayer shop DMG for example)
  • Fixed Starter Tasks Claim reward bug
  • Nerfed Aberrant spectres hp from 3k to 500
  • Updated Bravek's Casket rewards (Costs 1k slayer points in Custom slayer store)


Rewards from 100 Bravek caskets are below








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