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11.04-12.04 Quick updates

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  • Fixed another major bug with Starter Tasks - now tested again and works perfectly
  • Fixed American Pernix inv models (Both regular n elites
  • Fixed close button for a interface
  • Changed up prices for some shops
  • Edited ::train command and updated the text for some messages when u teleport
  • Fixed all the links on Forums guide  interface (All work perfectly now)
  • Updated rewards for Starter Tasks (This is not final but i think i won't do too many modifications to it, however i will add a few more tasks)
  • Added 3 extra tasks (Starter Tasks)
  • Updated Boss point store
  • Fixed miniguns bug in shop/bank/pos ETC - where if the quanity were greater than 1 it would show weird icons, now it displays it properly [Fixed this for all miniguns]
  • Updated webstore + added all the items i added to webstore server-sided, so all the donations for each item is automatic
  • Updated starter pack
  • Added close interface buttons for some interfaces that didn't have them.
  • Updated vote links + Reset vote counter on the website aswell as top voters this month
  • Updated hiscores links + Reset hiscores.
  • Modified stats on several items [Few melee sets mostly]
  • Updated client-sided description for the Task interface









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