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Command List!

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Green - New players. Purple - Intermediate/solo bosses. Red - Must have a team to kill. Orange. 1k total donated boss. Cyan. 2k total donated boss.





::Starterzone (Drops Tokens for shop)    








::Defilers (Drops Golden Minigun)

::unicorn ( Drops Golden Minigun)

::Tokens (Drop Sphinx´s tokens)   




::Vetion (Drops  american pernix)

::Horror (Drops silver torva)

::Sagittare (Drops Cryptic Wings)

::Lexicus (Drops Cryptic plate)

::Glod (Drops Rainbow bow)




::Darklord (Drops Tokens to make darklord cape)

::chound (Drops Frimb bow)

::Minihounds (Drops Supreme Mystery Box)

::Miniwrencher (Drops Pet, Superman set)

::Tokash (Drops ring of devotion)

::skyrocket (Drops Skyrocket Gear)

::defenders (Drops  defenders armour)

::hulk (Drops Frost illumination set, weird af cape)

::wizards (Drops Darkblue Mage gear)

::minions (need 500 kc of these to kill crex)

::crex (Drops new custom crex gear)

::trident (drop trident staff)











::Customwrencher (::cw) (Drops Vortex mg, Custom wrencher pet)

::Abbadon (Drops dragonbone scimitar)

::pum (Drops suic nr 1 tokens for new armour)

::beast (Drops infernal mystery box, infernal cosmetic staff staff, infernal santa hat, party hat, christmas box)

::harambe (Drops textured items)

::customwyrm (Custom infernal cape, dark purplefire set (incl cape) dark purplefire sled

::cv (Drop New Graywave Pernix and custom vorago pet)

::dragon (Drops Dragon-Age mage robes, Dragonfire battlestaff, Hellfire wings, Hellfire dragon pet) 


::Venspider (Drops frost mg, gmg Deluxe rank only)

$2000 Total donated tortoised boss (hidden command) (Drops crimson pernix, frost mg)











::checkdonate - claim donation



::Reward 1 all - Vote rewards

::Empty - Warning, will empty whole inventory.

::Answer (answer)


::Save (save progress)


::Profile (name)

::Pos - Played owned store

::Changepassword (password)


::Title (title)

::Benefit (show ranks benefit)

::Changebravek (change slayermaster to bravek need 99 slayer)

::checkpoints  (show you minigames points)

::drinfo (check out your drop rate)

::startlms ( start last man standing minigame)

::setloginpin / ::setpin (Sets 4 digit pin for protection of account)

::prices (Opens forum topic to price guide)

::make100drboots (Used to obtain 100% dr boots requires Emerald amulet (B), 10 Darklord tokens, 250k holy waters, ring of devotion, 99 smithing)

::shops (Teleports you to the shops area)

::dontanimate (Stops animations on the textured items.)








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