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Epok introduction

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Hello Community. 

I felt it was the right decision to make an introduction of myself. 


I´m 22 years old, been in the RSPS scene for about 7-8 years. Most of the time has been custom servers, so I am quiet familiar with the content & the way eco is running. Im from Denmark, working in retail store, so usually I will be available in-game around 8-9pm GMT+1. I will always be available on forum & Discord (through phone). 

As you can see on my account, I'm a Forum Administrator & Moderator in game so if you have any questions that are forum or in game related, feel free to through a PM on forum, discord or in game (when im on). 

-I´m looking forward to meet all of you! This gonna be a fun & exiting adventure!.



best regards, Epok

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