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  1. Only if the chance is 1%
  2. Start out by mining 10 copper and tin ores. Continue to smelt them to 10 bronze bars. https://imgur.com/Fes8GZ0 Buy hammer from the shop and start to smith those 10 bronze bars to bronze arrow tips. (arrow tips to help you with Fletching) https://imgur.com/lbOzEWU https://imgur.com/YNYA0oW Head out to construction shop. Talk to Estate Agent and buy iron bars. Head back to anvil and start making arrow tips again. After you are done with the first inventory head back to the Estate Agent and buy steel bars. https://imgur.com/UYmLbqH This is cheap and easy way to level up Smithing. You can also get adamant bars from Aviansie, Desert Strykewyrm and Corporeal Beast.