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  1. Bandit Camp Teleport Scroll Darth Beast NPC Drops Darthmaul Torva Helm Darthmaul Torva Platebody Darthmaul Torva Platelegs Darthmaul Torva Boots Darthmaul Torva Gloves Darthmaul Torva Wings Some Amount Of Tax Bags Nardah Teleport Scroll Penguin NPC Drops Loads of Tax Bags 2-350 50x Mystery Box Supreme Mystery Box Ultra Donation Box Frimb's Minigun Dragon Minigun 25x Legendary Mystery Box 10$ Donator Scroll 25$ Donator Scroll Antman Teleport Scroll The Ugly Antman NPC Drops Deathblue Staff Collectors Necklace Infernal Bones Infernal mystery Box Brightlava Cape Some Amount Of Tax Bags Miscellania Teleport Scroll Undead Lumberjack NPC Drops Crimson Pernix Cowl Crimson Pernix Body Crimson Pernix Skirt Ruby Amulet (b) Paper Sack Lumberjack Tokens (Runecrafting Tokens) Donation Box Note: All Teleport Scrolls Were Limited Time On ::Store Exept Antman Scroll From Slayer Store For 40,000 Slayer Points/::Store 100$ Other Scrolls Obtainable Via Buying From Other Players.