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  1. Hi its me sico the one that ned you now, okii im realy truh now Just my fold when i lied! when you told me to give all info about the acc(to mybe get the items that where made,. i made IT UP whas never mine acc but i borrowed dart helm to him he Asked to work for me he won 1qad and he did meet me at 650b told me let me Just hold IT i Come BACK Just one more fp!! i told oki he runed awey won 400b more and sudently got busted for some reason, can you tell me one more time so i gerrit whay i shouldent keep the lot from IT, also i did No wrong at all. All that happend is i got unjailed given dart helm but i whanted to keep ask you to be sure what happend but you did take me or IT little wrong Then what i meant not to be rude im over happy to be BACK, #Chaosworld Asked is IT your acc (me yes i had bday and felt Sad i culdent Just get the items i had drinks in my blod and freaked whay out + i forgot the rule sharing acc is a break of a rule, but hear when i sey my acc i regreted as fast i figured out its illegal Just felt out from me l to ewery player! what should i had done i ned answears tnx
  2. big boy here !

    top gambler !

    very rich !

    try getting staff rank !

    low lif3 so far made it to hell !

  3. tre little burds ones fly over dis site and show some respect and comment some nice [email protected]@\\|


    love you all hope il se some off you ing<#3