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  1. Suic

    Farewell vortex

    :/ take care buddy, i still remember when we first met on abyssal
  2. Welcome glad to have u buddy 😄
  3. Suic

    13.04-14.04 Updates

    Fixed all minigun drops Boss Point store fixed Fixed Starter Tasks (Bury 50 frost dragon bones task) - where it wouldn't increase the count when u buried the bones on altar. Added Temporary Referral codes for youtubers Fixed Boss point FMG price Added ::refer command (For new players who didn't enter any code at startup, they can do it later using this command) Fixed some spelling errors on messages sent to players Updated description etc on all voting toplist sites Updated server-sided naming for some items that said null (Also examines) Made Infernal max cape only wearable if the player is actually maxed | Also added pretty decent stats to it. Updated some of the automatic world messages(Reminders) | Removed the ones that said "New boss bossname" even tho the boss was added several months ago. Nerfed glods hp Added prices for items that had no prices in shops (Custom slayer shop DMG for example) Fixed Starter Tasks Claim reward bug Nerfed Aberrant spectres hp from 3k to 500 Updated Bravek's Casket rewards (Costs 1k slayer points in Custom slayer store) Rewards from 100 Bravek caskets are below
  4. Release is in less than 2 hours ( 8 pm gmt +3 ) Use this special code on login(Available only for the first 24 hours) Code: vortexv2
  5. Welcome, it indeed mostlikely will be an amazing community [Judging by the fact that old Vortex had an amazing community] 😄
  6. Fixed another major bug with Starter Tasks - now tested again and works perfectly Fixed American Pernix inv models (Both regular n elites Fixed close button for a interface Changed up prices for some shops Edited ::train command and updated the text for some messages when u teleport Fixed all the links on Forums guide interface (All work perfectly now) Updated rewards for Starter Tasks (This is not final but i think i won't do too many modifications to it, however i will add a few more tasks) Added 3 extra tasks (Starter Tasks) Updated Boss point store Fixed miniguns bug in shop/bank/pos ETC - where if the quanity were greater than 1 it would show weird icons, now it displays it properly [Fixed this for all miniguns] Updated webstore + added all the items i added to webstore server-sided, so all the donations for each item is automatic Updated starter pack Added close interface buttons for some interfaces that didn't have them. Updated vote links + Reset vote counter on the website aswell as top voters this month Updated hiscores links + Reset hiscores. Modified stats on several items [Few melee sets mostly] Updated client-sided description for the Task interface
  7. Added a interface for forum guides (Openable via the book given to all new players and also via ::guides) - Has all guides in it that are on the forums, and when u click one it opens the correct guide for u. Added Starter Tasks system, with a nice interface, complete all to get the reward. | Openable via the command ::tasks or via the book given to u at start Added Stats Comperator - Allows the player to compare different items ingame stats-wise openable via ::checkstats or via the Stats comperator book given at the start Fixed Most textured items that had the water texture in it, [By most i mean the ones that it didn't fit on at all] Updated Client background/Login box Fixed Quest Tab [It no longer displays Server time in 2 spots, same with loyalty points etc, and no longer flickers like it did before] Made POS (Player Owned Stores) use Money Tax Bags instead of coins Updated Client/Server naming for most items/NPCS/Pets etcetcetc Updated Starter Pack [Includes several new items] and several old items replaced Added updated message for Custom slayer master(Bravek) when talking to it, and hes not ur current Slayer master, it displays this message instead of the regular This is not your current slayer master - ""This is not your current Slayer Master, To change your slayer master to bravek type ::changebravek" Completely revamped Custom Slayer store (Has 40+ New items in it) Fixed rotations of some items [Legs looked backwards etcetc] Fixed Crimson pernix's Inv models Added support for more than 40+ items in a shop [Thought i did this before but forgot a few things] Fixed(Or well improved) The looks of Infernal Virtus Added texture animating support (in inv etc) for 20+ items that didn't have it Updated alot of outdated text in interfaces, also updated server-sided names for some things, also updated alot of commands that were outdated. Added new $$ / Bond Models - Instead of weird sword looking $$ scrolls they now look beautiful. Added Infernal Max cape Added custom Versions Of Infernal Max Cape Added 10+ New Custom GFX (1 For example is used for the new starter whip) Revamped prestige points store Fixed platebody equip model for the recolored starter platebody (looked super weird) Added custom GFX for starter whip special attack Fixed an issue with Starter tasks, where it wouldn't complete tasks properly. Added inv animating support for Infernal Max cape + The custom one Updated the starter for all modes All starter tasks should now function properly. Added stats for all new starter items + proper anims etc Renamed some items that had weird names(example cash wings client-sided name was weird af) All the books given at start now function properly Added close button for all the 3 interfaces + also upgrade interface cause it also didn't have a close button ;p.