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  1. - Fixed New staff lag glitch. - Added several more upgradeable items (such as Regular minigun, American pernix(elite), rex etc. - Added Upgrade chance to display on the interface. - Added "Search For Item" button in the NPC drop interface, NOTE: u must specify the full name, or it won't find (This will probably be changed, so even if it contains it'll show all the NPC names that droptable contains the specific keyword. - Added a "Store Mystery Box" - Which contains every single store item(Chances to get one is random). The price is 5319/57 (Amount of items in the webstore excluding Dragonkin lamps, Ranks(Uber rank etc). | Aka 93.3$ rounded to $95. - NOTE: it contains the items in full sets as in store, so if u were to open it and got the blackstone set, u wouldnt get a single piece, but the whole gear. - Removed a few old/useless reminders. - Adjusted the scroll for the upgrade interface - Removed the altars that wasn't working from home. - Removed the santa hat from upgrade interface. - Fixed Vortex's Crossbow attackstyle - Added new emojis ( :kappa: :5head: :monkaw: :pepehands: ) --- Updates in progress - Pet interface(High Priority) - Shop that buys certain items for tax bags(High priority) - Automatic giveaways(Low priority)
  2. you should be able to edit own post? pm me on discord when you are on
  3. ::dontanimate - New command which allows u to toggle off the animating on texturized items = less lag most likely, on crowded places. Custom justiciar added to lucid warriors. {Note as this comes ingame, there might also be an opinion to donate for it again, not sure yet might keep it only ingame-obtainable.} - Drop rate 1/10k as mentioned in the poll - ::shops command added - nerfed hw a bit(Droprates) - Added option to upgrade Suics minigun to Dragon minigun, Dragon minigun to Rainbow minigun - Chances for SMG to DMG is 40% - DMG to RMG is 10% - MAPS: Added custom maps(Done by chaosworld) for the following NPCS - ::harambe, ::eventboss, ::beast - New scroll [Obtainable ingame for slayer points, probably about 20k and via donate $90-100 or 110m osrsgp] - Imbued ring of devotion(Extra effect: 2x Slayer Points) - combinable {15 darklord tokens + regular ring of devotion, 100% success rate on combining} also donateable [Not sure about price yet, feel free to pm me if interested) - New scroll = new area with hellfire mage - Drops are similar to penguins, but instead of DMG, it drops a new mage weapon, with a custom spell. [Hellfire scroll, drops the hellfire battlestaff which is better than DMG, worse than RMG] - haven't added them to store yet currently only direct purchase for a day - two, and via ingame.
  4. Added ::dragon | (New Boss) - This boss has an unique combatscript which includes several new Gfxes, attack-types | This boss has 4 transformations, in the first side, the Dragon is a Hellfire Dragon(main NPC), In the 2nd side, it transforms into Bluefire dragon(Which uses a different attack), after that it transforms into a Lava dragon(weakest), and last it transforms into a Cool Dragon(couldn't think of an decent name lol), After it's on low hp, it transforms back into Hellfire dragon, and teleports back to the first side. Drops: Dragon Pet Scroll (Opens an custom interface) which displays 3 different pickable dragons, that u can choose one from. Hellfire Dragon pet(Rarest to get, and has more DR) - 30% {Rest have 5-20%, depends on the dragon, all the features is displayed in the interface} Hellfire Wings Dragon-age Mage Robe bottom/Robe top Dragonfire Battlestaff (has custom spell) There might potentially be more drops added to it, in the next update. other small fixes: - Fixed the command that is used to create 100 dr boots. - Fixed lava animating (it now moves) @everyone For whoever the launcher didn't work for i forgot to clear caches in CF, - Should work now (Newest client version: 3.1)
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    Remember to use the right place Noob rang given
  6. @Host Scrub Rank given
  7. Hello welcome to the server, hope you will enjoy your stay and have some good times, if you need help feel free to pm one from the staff team, on forum, ingame or on discord.
  8. There is no reason to blame the server for this. we have made a few ways to secure your account, and i have said in announcements on discord that if you don't use the security we make to help players secure their account we can't do anything about you getting hacked. Use these 2 commands take like 5 sec to set up.
  9. Chaosworld

    24.05 Updates

    Rainbow Minigun is now obtainable ingame via holywaters | Cost: 2.5m holy waters {If you'd like to purchase this item and have 2.5m holy waters pm me ingame or in discord} Diamond(B) is now obtainable ingame via the tokens that darklords drop | Cost: 7 Tokens Ruby Ammy (100% DR) is also obtainable via 15 tokens(Darklord ones) | Because there is no point to make 2 diff shops just for 3 items, all of these items can be purchased via me directly. - Custom Yell title can now be requested, Cost: 1m Loyalty points. Other info: Ring of devotion can now be bought again(Currently only direct purchase) @ $55, aswell as Ringmaster boots, which I've decided to bring back, these were sold @ early frimbscape, However this time i'd like to make them available from both Ingame / Donating | To obtain Ringmaster Boots(100% boots with some stats): - Emerald amulet(B), 10 Darklord tokens, 250k, Holywaters, Ring of devotion, 99 Smithing. (NOTE: all those items are obtainable ingame) - It's such a big requirement because the boots are supposed to be extremely rare, for the $ price i haven't decided yet but can negotiate @ pms. NOTE: if u have all those items, to combine, you simply use the command ::make100drboots The command will be useable by tomorrow(after update), but if u somehow got all the items right now, feel free to pm me and i can do it manually. - Added shift banking (Hold down shift and click on the item in your inventory to bank it) - This is for uber+ as only uber+ can ::bank - added an alert system, (Will be used for giveaways, and other announcement ingame) - Fixed double slayer ring - Made it so when you logout and have a pet, it picks it up automatically - Fixed a few other minor issues
  10. Chaosworld

    16.05 Updates

    New drop system: - Only one drop aside from guaranteed drops - Drop rate is now by percentage. 125% will make drops 1.25 times more likely to drop - If you have dr greater than the items rarity (like 1/2 on the drop table) the item will be a guaranteed drop. I.E. 200% dr or greater on a 1/2 drop would be 2.0/2 which would be a guaranteed drop - Pets, all DR items, and all else do now show in ::drinfo | Credit: Jakey/Bunny --------------- 1. Added shift-dropping 2. Added the following key shortcuts: Ctrl + b = Open bank Ctrl + h = tele home Ctrl + e - Empty items in inventory There will be tons more added soon (+ a interface for it) 3.Added Collectors necklace(I) - Effect is same as regular cols but also 100% DR added to it 4. Added a "Disable Collectors pickup" option to all items on the drop interface, when clicked, it adds the item to the blocked list, which means when wearing collectors or collectors(I), and the NPC drops the item that's blocked it drops to ground instead of inventory/bank | added a command to remove all items from the blocked list `::clearblockedlist` this will soon be replaced with an option that allows the player to remove certain items.
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    Hello and welcome to VortexPS enjoy your stay and make sure to pm a staff if you have any question.
  12. Need to see more activity from you, feel free to make a new application in 1 months. Denied.