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  1. @Blackheartdb Rank given
  2. Update - Please relaunch your client (Latest version is 3.8) - Added new teleports interface(With 6 categories, and over 100 total teles). - Can be opened with clicking the old teleport icons {It is missing a few NPCS, but those can be found from the custom npc teleport interface) (Credit to chaosworld who helped me with teles) - Revamped Clue scrolls (Credit to fate who did the new rewards) - Fixed the Tax bag shop interface(Where a different interface was overwriting it) - Created custom items, for those who requested it.
  3. quick fixes Fixed npc tasks progress issue Fixed buggy teleports Fixed Vip Donator issue where it would keep promoting them to deluxe instead. Fixed @[email protected] issue
  4. Relaunch your clients(To be on Version 3.6) To play | Updates: Added NPC Tasks (40 Different tasks, with difficulty, with over 30 different rewards) | ::npctasks to view your progress. Added Support for higher interface IDS Fixed Amounts on item containers(Items on interface) before it would show wrong amount sif the amount was greater than 255 - Fixed an issue with animated sprites not rendering properly in some occasions - added Droprate bonus to Vip donator rank(Also started with Vip donator zone) - Fixed cerberus map
  5. Update - Reopen your launcher (VortexPSLauncher) - Added several new items into the game - Added More upgradeable items(includes new items) - redid the upgrade system so now atleast half of the items require tax bags aswell to upgrade - Added "Mini blackstone warmonger at home" which takes tax bags, as soon as 2000 tax bags are reached, it spawns the boss once(Which DROPS OP loot, best drops r Paper sack, Textured necklade, $25 scrolls, Suics mg, Rex gear, and some others!) - It drops for several ppl! - Fixed minor bugs with Sell to taxbag shop - Added new BIS item (hellfire necklace) - Check upgrade npc - Added some new mid tier gear(between rex/custom rex aswell) - Lime Rex which is exactly between the 2 - Lumberjack zone update:- Added 4 new drops (Cleansing scroll, praise scroll, Paper sack, crimson pernix) | Note get ur lumberjack scroll from 20 tokens / 20k points now (6 days left) or store/direct | After that they will no longer be sold.
  6. Update - Reload the launcher (Client version 3.5) - Added Tax Bag shop | Located @ ::shops - Added rainbow: text here | For rainbow text(similiar to glow2/3 and these - Added VIP Donator rank | Currently all benefits isn't finished however the rank is ingame! do ::claimvip to claim it if u have 5k total donated ingame. - Fixed a minor interface drawing bug(Which caused a 1-2sec delay)
  7. Added Darklord token shops, Featuring items like col neck, paper sack, Darth gloves/boots, Inf overload pot, but most importantly Lumberjack Scrolls have returned | The "tai" scroll in the darklord shop, can be used to combine into the lumberjack scroll, for a 20k Slayer points fee (Scroll + 20k slayer points for the lumberjack scroll) | It is also available for $$(same price as darth scroll aka 110-120) | NOTE, as i want to make this scroll limited aswell, This will be available Ingame / store for 10 days, so get grinding if u wanna get it. | Darklord shop is located in ::darklord Next update will feature Tax bag shop and some other stuff.
  8. added tax bag shop [Also a interface for it that shows all prices, sellable items] - Please relaunch your launcher. | it is located at ::Shops
  9. @Clues Only Rank Given!
  10. @Kill Galaxy rank given!
  11. Sorry to see you leave buddy, thx for the good times we had together i wish you all the best irl, take care..
  12. - Fixed New staff lag glitch. - Added several more upgradeable items (such as Regular minigun, American pernix(elite), rex etc. - Added Upgrade chance to display on the interface. - Added "Search For Item" button in the NPC drop interface, NOTE: u must specify the full name, or it won't find (This will probably be changed, so even if it contains it'll show all the NPC names that droptable contains the specific keyword. - Added a "Store Mystery Box" - Which contains every single store item(Chances to get one is random). The price is 5319/57 (Amount of items in the webstore excluding Dragonkin lamps, Ranks(Uber rank etc). | Aka 93.3$ rounded to $95. - NOTE: it contains the items in full sets as in store, so if u were to open it and got the blackstone set, u wouldnt get a single piece, but the whole gear. - Removed a few old/useless reminders. - Adjusted the scroll for the upgrade interface - Removed the altars that wasn't working from home. - Removed the santa hat from upgrade interface. - Fixed Vortex's Crossbow attackstyle - Added new emojis ( :kappa: :5head: :monkaw: :pepehands: ) --- Updates in progress - Pet interface(High Priority) - Shop that buys certain items for tax bags(High priority) - Automatic giveaways(Low priority) - New VIP rank will be added soon
  13. @Host Scrub Rank given!