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    I'd like to close this Application due to not playing as much as I'd thought. Thanks for the good times see yous around fam :0
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    Great Update, keep them coming.
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    Release is in less than 2 hours ( 8 pm gmt +3 ) Use this special code on login(Available only for the first 24 hours) Code: vortexv2
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    Can't wait to see what you've got planned for us 😉
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    NOTE: Requirements: You much have a content count at +30. Your forum accounts must be +30 days old. You much be active +30 hours a week. Being active on discord is a plus. You must be active in game. You Must use this template below: DO NOT SPAM POST COUNT: Ingame name: Ingame Time: Content Count: How Many Hours do you spend on the forum each week? Why should you be considering? Past experience as forum mod? What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? How do you think you can improve the forum activity? What would you do if someone was posting offensive topics on the forums? What do you do if someone posted a topic in the wrong section? Will you help out making new guides or edit old ones?
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    I've been gone for the last month and a half for multiple reasons, and it's been a long time coming. Most of you probably don't know me but i've been playing under suic for about 2 years. Over 3 different severs with him and countless hours put into each one of those servers. Seen the good and bad of vortex but I can't say i've had more fun on any other game/server. Thanks to all the OG's who stuck around with me and made vortex home @U M D @gold kahos @Suic @Chaosworld (won't let me tag ya.) and many others. But that being said, my time here is done. Good luck on everything suic.
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    Gotta be one of the nicest people playing the server atm, but needs a little work at responding to people flaming. other than that, +1! Good luck taco.
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    -1 I dont feel like he didnt put enough effort in the application