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    • not going to happen, sins defilers drop them so much. this have been suggested before and got denied.
    • Maybe like 5% max. Pretty easy to get Miniguns from Defilers & a chance at GMG while you're at it.
    • Only if the chance is 1%  
    • Should minigun be upgradeable?
    • In-game Username:
      Country & Timezone (GMT):
      United states, Eastern Standard time Hours spent playing daily/weekly:
      Roughly 7-9 hours daily. Around 40 hours a week. Time played / Date Registered:
      147Hr played/ April 13th 2019
      What do you do outside of Vortex?
      Outside of Vortexps i sometimes go over to my cousins for drinks and playing games on Xbox. Experience as staff on past servers/games:
      None that i can remember. What made you interested in applying for staff rank?
      I feel I might be able to be more helpful then just as a player. Why should you be considered? (How will you impact this community)
      I feel that my impact with the community will be the same as when i was a player. only thing that would change is that I would be able to be on when other staff are not on due to life changes. How Familiar are you with
      Vortex content? (ex: Prices of items, teleportation locations and commands?)
      I personally keep a sticky note on my desktop of the prices and try to check for updates to them weekly. I'm pretty adjusted to the teleports in the game. I'm use to most of the commands. Do you feel you have impacted the
      Vortex community in a positive way? If so, please explain how.
      I do feel i have a positive impact on the server because of how i act and how i treat players. What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position?
      I believe the main responsibilities of the positions as staff is to keep the peace and watch out for things that will have a great negative effect on the server and its community. What would you do if someone was using offensive language?
      I would give them 1 warning to help then 1 warning of a mute is they do not stop. if they continue it would be a small time mute. What would you do if someone was insulting a staff member?
      I would remain as polite as possible and do what i can to defuse the person. What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?
      I would first ask for more information while informing a higher staff of the situation. If there was duped item I would try to obtain them and find out how they did the dupe to report the meaning of it. Anything else you would like us to know?  
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