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    • Dear VortexPS Community. We are delighted to announce a big update!!   After several hours of work & many great suggestions from you guys, we've now decided:

        Instance manager is for Deluxe Donator which will make you able to spawn a certain amount of NPC's (+ x amount) in a custom area, so you don't have to teleport/run around map to kill bosses!!!! NOTE: Kill Count will also abbly in this one.            - Automatic/scam-proof gambling changes (Moves to a custom location) - Flower Poker now has replants & proper message delay after the game ends - Animation/GFX added to Dice Rolls 
                  - New Kill Count system has been added (Still need to add interface that list the requirements for each NPC) - Custom Store has been cleared  - The Castlewars command has been added (::castlewars) - Custom Scratchcard System - Skilling Point System has been redone - Custom Yell Titles are now available - Prayer rework for items that have high prayer bonuses
    • Hello Community. 

      I felt it was the right decision to make an introduction of myself.    I´m 22 years old, been in the RSPS scene for about 7-8 years. Most of the time has been custom servers, so I am quiet familiar with the content & the way eco is running. Im from Denmark, working in retail store, so usually I will be available in-game around 8-9pm GMT+1. I will always be available on forum & Discord (through phone). 

      As you can see on my account, I'm a Forum Administrator & Moderator in game so if you have any questions that are forum or in game related, feel free to through a PM on forum, discord or in game (when im on). 

      -I´m looking forward to meet all of you! This gonna be a fun & exiting adventure!.     best regards, Epok
    • To start on an ironman account you need to create it, so you open the client and make a new account type in the username and password.! After choosing username and password you choose the game mode you want to play click on the Ironman and click accept.   The next step is to choose your main look ingame so use the arrows to find the look you like and click accept.   After you choose your look you will get a box where you are asked (where did you find out about vortex) Make sure not to move or click on any item before you typed in (merk) to get a vortex1 stream box (contains full pernix gear, mg and 500 shots) Or if you have another reference you can type it in here. If you move or didn't get the reference box you can always use ::refer to get the interface back   After you created the account use the command ::vote go vote for the 4 sites and use ::reward 1 all ingame to get 1 vote scroll, and the chance to get a vote box. NOTE: All new players get regular donator rank, and can after 1k total or 10 hours of ingame playtime ::freesuper to get free super donator rank (make sure not to use any bonds before you used the ::freesuper or it doesn't work.   Now you are ready to start training your combat stats, there are a few places where you can start training!   Use ::train - will get you to rock crabs these not drop anything good other than charms but great to get stats at.   use ::starterzone - will take you to a zone with the wolf, these wolf drop strange tokens and mystery box, what you want to get is the strange tokens to buy a noob gs from the shop outside of the room a noob gs cost 425 tokens.   Use ::boxzone - will take you to another zone with wolf npc these wolf drop boxes and noob gs.   Use ::tokens - will take you to a zone where you can kill snails, what you want to get from here is the sphinx token and buy either shadow brutal whip, or the american pernix set.   After you got stats up to 99 go to ::dzone and kill otherworldly being to get dragon bones or frost dragon bones (drop 500 noted dragon bone and 25 noted frost dragon bone) and go to ::home run west behind the buildings and use the bones on alter to get 99 prayer, change prayer so you can use soul split.   If you open Starter Task Book from your starter package you will see this interface opens:   There is some new task you can finish, this task takes some time to do but the reward is good. Full American Pernix Golden Minigun. Brightlava Textured Set. Egyptian Sword (G). $Bonds. Fire Cape. Donation Box   When you got the starter gear you want and raised stats to 99 with prayer, you are ready to go upgrade your gear.     Use ::defilers - this NPC drop Mystery Box, Rare and Legendary package, minigun and the golden minigun. Use ::vetion - this NPC drop the american pernix armour and the american pernix elite version. Use ::cshound - this NPC drop the shadow bow, vortex bow, mystery box, ecto token and the custom hound pet (give 10% droprate) Use ::customwrencher - this NPC drop the vortex minigun, sea devil bow, sea devil wings, custom wrencher pet (give 20% droprate) this is a mass boss.   When you got the golden minigun, you should stay at ::defilers to get a few more golden minigun (gmg) to upgrade at ::home, or go to ::chound and get shadow bow or vortex bow to upgrade.   Use ::necrolord this NPC drop the american torva set with boots and gloves. Use ::defenders this NPC drop defenders set, defenders spirit shield, defenders sword (one of the best swords) and defender pet (give 10% droprate) Use ::horror this NPC drop silver torva, and shark tooth sword. Use ::rex this NPC drop the rex armour set, it is a good boss to get tax bags from. Use ::minions - this NPC is a minion that you need to kill 500 times before you can go to ::crex, crex drop the best melee gear ingame. Use ::sagittare - this NPC drop the suic nr1 set with cape, boots, gloves. Use ::harambe - this NPC drop the textured necklace, and primordial Boots elite, the necklace is best in slot, and is a mass boss. Use ::beast - this NPC drop the infernal boots, this is the best boots in game, and is a mass boss. Use ::abbadon - this NPC drop the dragonbone scimitar, this is a mass boss.   Use ::lexicus - this NPC drop the battlemage set with boots and gloves and seismic staff. Use ::arena - this NPC drop the techtonic set Use ::wizards - this NPC drop the darkblue set. Use ::rex - this NPC drop the infernal battlestaff. Use ::trident - this NPC drop the trident staff, and lots of taxbag.   If you go ::home and talk with the item upgrader you will see a list of all the item you can upgrade, NOTE IF YOU FAIL UPGRADE YOU WILL LOSE THE ITEM. When you have the interface open you simply click on the item in the left box and you can see what item it can be upgraded to, ETC if you click on the golden minigun you have the chance to upgrade it to a frost minigun, and a frost minigun can be upgraded to dragon minigun.       Command List Drop Rate Items Upgrade Chances Rate Price Guide Donator Benefits Range Gear Guide Melee Gear Guide Magic Gear Guide    
    • There are currently 6 levels of donator, Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, Legendary Donator, Uber Donator, and Deluxe Donator. This is a guide on how to obtain them and also what they do.   Donator This is the regular donator, you need a total donated of $10 to unlock this rank (free currently). with this you get the following:   10% exp bonus. 2.5% drop rate bonus. Increased loyalty points per hour received. Access to ::yell once per minute. Access to ::dzone.   Super Donator This Donator rank is unlocked at $25 total donated, it has all the benefits of Donator plus. For new players use ::freesuper after 10 hours playtime or 1k skill total.   20% exp bonus. Even more loyalty points received per hour. ::yell timer is reduced. No Kill count required to enter boss rooms at God wars dungeon.   Extreme Donator This donator rank is unlocked at $50 total donated, it has all the benefits of Donator and Super Donator plus:   25% exp bonus. 5% drop rate bonus. Even more loyalty points per hour. ::yell timer is further reduced. Access to ::ezone.       Legendary Donator This donator rank is unlocked at $125 total donated it has all the benefits of Donator, Super Donator and Extreme Donator plus:   7.5% drop rate bonus. Even more loyalty points per hour. ::yell timer is even further reduced. ::hw Teleport you to Ice Warriors Drop from 50-5000 holy waters Access to ::lzone. Access to Mounted Terrorbird Gnomes.         Uber Donator This donator rank is unlocked at $200 total donated it has all the benefits of Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator and Legendary Donator plus:   30% exp bonus. 10% drop rate bonus. Maximum amount of loyalty points per hour possible. Access to ::bank ::yell timer is removed, yell away. Ability to set a title using ::title (enter title) Ability to set custom title ::customtitle (Example ::customtitle red numberone), custom title that works Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green Access to ::uzone.         Deluxe Donator This donator rank is unlocked at $1000 total donated it has all the benefits of Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, Legendary Donator, and Uber Donator plus:   20% drop rate bonus. 2x boss points and vote rewards. Ability to get a random amount of gold (1gp/2147m) using ::freecash every 6 hours. Access to ::venspider. Ability to fully restore HP using ::hp every 15 minutes. Ability to fully restore prayer using ::pray every 15 minutes. Acces to ::delzone Custom Deluxe Tree that gives Hellfire logs (for woodcutting) Special Alter (Recharge Special Attack 100% every 30 mins) Deluxe Implings (for hunting xp) ::reloadshops (reload shops)       This guide is made by: Pizza/Fura from Vortex.
    • PS you can do CTRL+F to search for a item      Torva Pieces: 1-1B Sparta Pieces: 5-10B Carved Pieces: 5-10B Purgatory Pieces:  Oreo Torva Pieces: American Torva Pieces: 10-20B Silver Torva Pieces: 20-30B Illumination Pieces: 30-40B  Cryptic Pieces: 40-60B Each Frost Illumination Pieces: 100-150B One Armor Pieces: 150-200B Blackstone Textured Pieces: 200-250B Defenders Pieces: 500-650B Suic Nr1 Pieces: 1T-1,2T Metallic Armor Pieces: 800-1T Rex Pieces: 1,5-2,5T Sky Torva Pieces: 1-1,2T Crex Pieces: 15T Blackstone Vesta Pieces: 35T   Dragon Hai Pieces: 3m Normal Virtus Pieces: 1-2B Each Battlemage Pieces: 20-40B Techtonic Pieces: 200-300B Each Gold Virtus Pieces: 350-550B Dark Blue Robe Piece: 550-750B Each Infernal Mage Pieces: 700-900B Infernal Virtus Piece: 15T Dragon-Age Pieces: N/A     Pernix Pieces: 1-2B Trickster Piece: 6-8B American Pernix Pieces: 30-40B American Pernix Elite Pieces: 60-100B Skyrocket Torva Pieces: 700-1T Suic Pernix Pieces: 1-1,5T Sliske Pieces: 1-1,2T Crimson Pernix Pieces: 3-5T Graywave Pernix Pieces: 10T Darth Maul Pieces: 15T Texturized Investigator Pieces: 35T     Primordial Boots: 2-5B American Boots: 5-10B Sparta Boots: 5-10B Silver Boots: 20-30B Ornamental Boots: 30-60B Primordial Boots Elite: 400B Sky Torva Boots: 1-1,5T Suic Nr1 Boots: 1,5-2T Infernal Boots: 2-2,5T Blackstone Boots: 35T   Ragefire Boots: 2-5B Battle Mage Boots: 2-5B Infernal Boots: 500-700B   Range Boots: 500M Trickster Boots: 2-5B Glavien Boots: 1B Pegasian Boots: 2-5B Pegasian Boots Elite: 1-2T Darth Maul Boots: 10T Blackstone Range Boots: 35T American Gloves: 2-5B Silver Gloves: 20-30B Ornamental Gloves: 30-60B Each Sky Torva Gloves: 1-1,5T Suic Nr1 Gloves: 1,5-2T Blackstone Gloves: 35T Battlemage Gloves: 2-5B Barrows Gloves: N/A Infernal Gloves: 500-700B Trickster Gloves: 2-5B Infernal Gloves: 1-2T Darth Maul Gloves: 10T Blackstone Range Gloves: 35T   Blood Necklace: 5-15B Bling Chain: 200-300B Textured Necklace: 3-5T Ring Of Riches: 20B Tenacious Ring: 30B Juggernaut Ring: 40B   Arcane Stream Necklace: 20-30B Blood Necklace: 5-15B Textured Necklace: 3-5T   Blood Necklace 5-15B Amulet Of Range: 2-5B Textured Necklace: 3-5T Archer´s Ring (i): 2-5B Archer's Ring (i+): 100B     Egyptian Sword (G): 2-5B Icy Katana: 5-10B Colourful Whip: 5-10B Noob GS: 5-10B Abbadon Dagger: 10-20B Akimbo Dagger: 30-50B Elemental Whip: 50-75B Sick Af Maul: 100-125B American Whip: 75-90B Energy Sword: 100-125B Bloodshot Camo Whip: 100-150B Shadow Whip: 125-175B Ancient Axes: 175-200B Dragonbone Scimitar: Untradeable! Jester Sword: 150-200B Doom Blade: 200-300B Rainbow Ghostly Sword: 200-300B Shark Tooth: 300-500B Talis Sword: 300-450B Hellfire Scythe: 3T Suic Nr1 Sword: 600B Defenders Sword: 5T Google Chrome Sword: 1-1,5T lit af Sword: 8-9T Royal Blade: 4-6T Hellfire shadow sword: 100T     Seismic Staff: 5-10B Infernal Battlestaff: 250-300B Deathblue Staff: 4-5T Trident Staff: 4-5T Hellfire Battlestaff: 20T Dragonfire Battlestaff: 10T     Icy Crossbow: 5-10B Purple Dimension Bow: 30-50B Shadow Bow: 45-60B Rainbow Bow: 80-100B Vortex Bow: 150-250B Limey Bow: 600-800B Sea Devil Bow: 800-1T Animal Bow: 20-25T Minigun: 3-5B Golden Minigun: 300B Frost Minigun: 700B-900B Vortex Minigun: 900B-1,2T Suic Minigun: 1,5T-2T Dragon Minigun: 9-10T Rainbow Minigun: 40T   Devil Cape: 2-5B Cash Wings: 20-40B American Wings: 2-5B White Wings: 10-15B Cryptic Wings: 60-80B Infernal Wings: 800-1T Frost Wings: 75-100B Sky Rocket Cape: 250-350B Defenders Cape: 250-350B Rainbow Infernal Cape: 800B Suic Nr1 Cape: 1-1,2T Infernal Max Cape: 2-3T Hulk Cap: 600-700B Custom Infernal Cape: 2T   Devil Cape: 2-5B Cash Wings: 20-40B Skyrocket Cape: 250-350B Cryptic Wings: 60-80B Infernal Wings: 800-1T Rainbow Infernal Cape: 800B-1T Infernal Max Cape: 2-3T Hellfire Wings: 20T Devil Cape: 2-5B Cash Wings: 20-40B Cryptic Wings: 60-80B Special Wings: 100_200B Skyrocket Cape: 250-350B Rainbow Infernal Cape: 800B Sea Devil Wings: 300-400B Infernal Wings: 800-1T Darklord Cape: 80-100T Darth Maul Wings: 10T Godstone Shield: 100-200B Sparta Shield: 15-20B Red Spirit Shield: 20-30B Vortex Spirit Shield: 30-40B Frost Spirit Shield: 50-75B Gold Spirit Shield: 30-40B Dragonbone Kiteshield: 40-50B Infernal Kiteshield: 150-200B Defenders Spirit Shield: 700-900B Greywave Spirit Shield: 1,5-2T       Darklord Cape: (125% drop Rate): 120T Spirit Cape: (100% drop Rate): 60-80T Paper Sack (50% drop Rate): 20T Ring of Devotion (100% drop Rate): 2-3T 25% DR Increasing Ring (25% drop Rate): 500-700B One Cape (50% drop Rate): 20-30T Roseblood Gloves (100% drop Rate): N/A 50% DR Increasing Boots: 25-30T Ruby(B) Amulet (100% drop Rate): 10-12T Ringmaster Boots(100% drop rate): N/A Diamond (B) Amulet(50% drop rate): 8-10T Karamja Gloves(50% drop rate): 40-50T Emerald amulet (B) (100% drop rate): 10-12T Pet Abyzou Wrencher (20% drop rate): 1,2-1,7T Infernal Beast Pet (20% drop rate): 2T Hulk Pet (20% drop rate): 1,2-1,7T Venomous Spider Pet (15% drop rate): 900B-1,2T Custom Hound Pet (10% drop rate): 300-500B Shaman Defenders Pet (10% drop rate): 500-700B Hellfire Dragon Pet (30% drop rate): N/A Collectors necklace (15% drop rate): 7-10T Collectors necklace (I) (100% drop rate): 12-15T Abyssal Helm (15% drop rate): 5-6T Abyssal Platebody (15% drop rate): 5-6T Abyssal Platelegs (15% drop rate): 5-6T Justiciar Helm (50% drop rate): 40T Justiciar Platebody (100% drop rate): 70-80T Justiciar Platelegs (100% drop rate): 70-80T       Sick AF Maul (BLUE): 100B Sick AF Maul (GOLD): 125B Textured Scythe: 500B     Money Bonds: 80B-100B PER $1  (price varies with bulk) Voting Scrolls: 60B Penguin Tele Scroll: N/A Darth Tele Scroll: N/A Undead Lumberjack Scroll: N/A Hellfire Scroll: 35T Dragon Pet Scroll: N/A Ant Man Scroll: 40T Scroll of Praise: 1-2T Scroll of Cleansing: 2-3T Ecto Tokens: 60B-80B Per 1k           Supreme Mystery Boxes: 800B Ultra Boxes: 500-700B Donation Boxes: 250B Legendary Package: 1B  Mystery Box: 350M (350B per 1k) Infernal Box: 700B Voting Box: 300B           Normal Partyhats (besides blue): 500M Black Partyhat: 1B Special Partyhat: 5B Special Custom Partyhat (textured): 200-500B Santa hat: 500M Coloured Santa hats: 500M Special Custom Santa (textured): 200-500B Pink top hat: 300B Rainbow Skateboard: 200-300B XP Lamps: 5-7B ea Holy Water 60-80B/1k            
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